International transport of dangerous goods

The international transport of dangerous goods is of great importance for companies working with foreign partners. Such cargoes are subject to special requirements, the observance of which depends not only on the safety of the goods on the road, but also on the safety of others.

What cargo is considered dangerous

This category includes all goods that pose an immediate danger to humans and nature in case of violation of the rules of transportation. Transportation requirements, in turn, depend on the hazard class of the substance being transported.

In order for the goods to arrive in another country without problems, you need to choose a trusted carrier with a large fleet of vehicles, where you can pick up a car with suitable characteristics.

International transportation of dangerous goods by road is very popular, as it offers a lot of advantages, of which the following can be distinguished:

  • Availability;
  • High delivery speed;
  • Ability to provide maximum security;
  • Dangerous goods transport by road is suitable for sending different consignments of goods – both large and small.

Benefits of cooperation with us

Global Track is ready to offer a range of services to ensure the timely and safe transportation of goods and substances that are classified as hazardous. Cargo transportation is carried out throughout Ukraine, cargo can be sent to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

In our fleet, only modern and proven vehicles that can safely and comfortably transport the necessary goods. Experienced logisticians will calculate the most convenient and shortest route, which will allow for delivery in a short time.

To place an order for cargo transportation, you can leave a request on our website or call the specified phone number. The cost of the service depends on the destination and the vehicle on which the cargo will be transported.

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