Cargo transportation 5 tons

Cargo transportation of 5 tons refers to the average tonnage and is in high demand, as it allows you to transport goods as quickly as possible not only in the city, but also to other regions of the country or abroad. Transportation of goods up to 5 tons by our forces will ensure fast and high-quality delivery of any product along an optimally designed route and using suitable equipment.

What machines are used for cargo transportation of 5 tons

Cars designed for cargo transportation up to 5 tons are able to transport a wide variety of types of cargo. Cargo transportation of goods that do not need special storage conditions is carried out by specially equipped tented, flatbed trucks, and isothermal vans and refrigerators are used to move products for which it is important to maintain the optimal temperature. Depending on the cargo being transported, we will select the optimal, maneuverable transport with the conditions of transportation necessary in a particular case.

If necessary, additional equipment is installed on equipment for the transportation of goods up to 5 tons, for example, manipulators to create more comfortable conditions for loading and unloading. Vehicle models with all-metal vans, refrigerators, can be equipped with a tail lift.

What cargo is transported by cars up to 5 tons

Freight transportation services of 5 tons are in demand both among individuals and small companies that need to quickly deliver products over a short distance.

Transportation of goods of 5 tons is most often used:

  • For transportation of construction equipment and materials to the place of work;
  • For the delivery of industrial goods and products to retail stores, wholesale warehouses;
  • When transporting agricultural products.

Cargo transportation of 5 tons allows you to speed up logistics processes and makes transportation much cheaper. Our experienced managers develop the optimal and safest route for each transportation, as well as carefully select the appropriate equipment so that the cargo reaches its destination as quickly as possible.

Shuttle transportation up to 5 tons is widespread when moving a family or a small office. Such carrying capacity allows you to transport office equipment and furniture. For a 5 ton freight service, medium-sized trucks are usually used. The main advantage of such machines lies in the convenient loading in the limited space of a small warehouse. In addition, the small size of the truck provides good maneuverability on city roads and highways, which significantly affects the speed of delivery.

For road transportation of 5 tons, a special permit from the regulatory authorities is required. Global Track has all the necessary documents. We are engaged in transportation on a refrigerator of 5 tons, as well as on ordinary five-ton trucks without temperature control. The cost of cargo transportation of 5 tons depends on the distance and complexity of the route and is determined individually in each specific situation.

Features of cargo transportation up to 5 tons

There are certain categories of cargo that have such a tonnage:

  • Building materials that are transported to the construction site.
  • Office equipment and furniture is moved to a new location.
  • Furniture and things are transported when moving.
  • Food that is stored in a refrigerator or freezer must be transported in trucks with special equipment.
  • Goods that do not require compliance with storage conditions are moved on ordinary five-ton trucks.
  • Consolidated shipments consisting of food, household appliances, printed materials or other cargo require special packaging before transportation.

All these materials and any others are transported by our company. We work only with cars in perfect condition, before each departure they are carefully checked. Our drivers are always friendly and invariably polite, they responsibly approach each order.

There are professional logisticians in the staff who thoroughly know any little things when organizing cargo transportation by a 5-ton refrigerator and any other services and will advise the ideal route when drawing up a traffic plan. You will be able to track your cargo with the help of GPS beacons built into all vehicles. At any time of the day or night, your personal manager is in touch, he always knows where your cargo is, why it stopped and when it will arrive.

Tariffs for cargo transportation 5 tons

Prices for cargo transportation up to 5 tons depend on many parameters:

  • The length of the route in km. This is the main parameter, it is different for different types of machines.
  • The number of drivers. Trucks traveling long distances are always supplied with a pair of qualified drivers, replacing each other. There is only one driver on a short distance trip, this significantly affects the prices for 5 tons of freight.
  • Presence of requirements for storage and transportation of cargo. Some foodstuffs or, for example, medicines can only be transported in refrigerated trucks. cars are equipped with special equipment to maintain temperature and humidity at the desired level. The driver monitors all parameters and immediately reports possible problems to the operator.
  • A package of documents. Different cargoes require different documents when crossing borders, customs clearance, etc. Our experts fully accompany your cargo to the final destination in terms of documents.
  • The presence of requirements for the integrity of the cargo. There are certain types of fragile materials that require special attention when packing and moving (such as ceramic tiles or decorative glass). In this case, the cost increases.
  • Other features. Transportation to another country, when crossing several customs points, the price increases. The route is always built in such a way as to cross fewer borders in international traffic. But some countries do not accept certain goods even in transit, so our logisticians have to build a new route.

Trust only professional companies with your cargo – this way you will save both time and money. Place an order with us – we know how to make your business more successful in a short time!


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