Commercial cargo only (from 100kg)

Мы не занимаемся доставкой посылок, а также личных вещей.
Только коммерческие грузы (от 100кг).


We will take on dispatching services in the field of international cargo transportation carriers with personal vehicles with a carrying capacity of 3 to 22 tons


Ideal technical condition of transport

Full compliance with the mass of t / s in the data sheet and the actual mass

Responsible, decent, executive drivers

Presence of registration of an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity of any form of ownership

Preferably a GPS tracker

the documents

Customs certificate

Driver’s passport

Green map

License for international cargo transportation

Consultation or assistance in the preparation of all of the above documents is possible.

Consultation or assistance in the preparation of all of the above documents is possible.

The dispatch service from Global Track LLC is your personal manager, who is in touch 24/7, is engaged in full support of the car, from searching and selecting the best applications, to completing all the necessary documents.

We minimize downtime, optimize the cost of your services and resolve any disputes, because we are ALWAYS on the side of the carrier.

In order to start working with us, you need to provide registration documents for the enterprise (FOP, LLC or other form of ownership, license, title documents for equipment)
If you do not have any documents, we will advise on their design.

We have an excellent marketing department, which allows us to dynamically develop an already serious client base.

And one of the most important points: all dispatchers have a service quality control department.

If it suddenly happened that you are not satisfied with the work of the manager, just let us know, we will look into the situation and find a solution.

Fill out the form on the website or leave a request and we will contact you as soon as possible.