Cargo transportation up to 3 tons

The Global Track company carries out road cargo transportation of various volumes, including not the largest ones. In particular, cargo transportation up to 3 tons is in great demand. They are in demand both among various small companies and individuals.

Cargo transportation up to 3 tons is usually in demand among small commercial enterprises that are interested in the quick delivery of small-sized consignments to a neighboring city or region. Part of the cargo transportation by gazelles up to 3 tons falls on international transportation over long distances. This applies to small industrial equipment or fragile goods that require special transportation conditions.

The Global Track company carries out all types of cargo transportation up to 3 tons. Experienced logisticians will tell you the most advantageous option for building a route, we are interested in you cooperating with us on an ongoing basis. You will be able to control the movement of cargo throughout the route thanks to GPS navigation and round-the-clock mediation of an operator assigned to you.

Features of cargo transportation 3 tons

Small-tonnage transportation is carried out by small-sized vehicles with or without refrigeration equipment. If delivery is planned to a neighboring region, there is no need to ensure the temperature regime, especially in the winter period.

With the help of transportation of goods up to 3 tons, the following items and equipment are transported:

  • equipment for office and home;
  • furniture;
  • small industrial equipment;
  • food;
  • building materials;
  • rolled metal, etc.

When transporting, certain requirements should be taken into account: the size of the cargo should not exceed the declared parameters in the accompanying documentation or permit. In addition, the weight of the cargo must not exceed 3,000 kg. These are elementary requirements, but some logistics companies do not follow the established procedure, which leads to problems not only for them, but also for cargo owners.

In our Global Track company, we treat any orders responsibly and carefully monitor the fulfillment of all requirements. We have received all possible permits, so we value our reputation and are interested in every client. If you want to order cargo transportation of 3 tons, please contact us. We are interested in permanent cooperation.

Advantages of cargo transportation up to 3 tons

Small-tonnage transportation is in great demand among small and medium-sized businesses. Small-sized deliveries have their undeniable advantages:

  • Small transport. Light trucks can easily drive on any road or highway. They are maneuverable and do not require special conditions for maintenance.
  • Low cost. Prices for cargo transportation up to 3 tons are much lower than the cost of transportation on bulky vehicles.
  • Convenience. Small trucks can drive on roads that are inaccessible to trucks. Therefore, some cargoes have to be divided into several batches and sent in parts, and not in one large truck.

Transportation up to 3 tons is carried out on trucks of category N1. Our experts carefully monitor that the actual and prescribed in the documents load capacity coincide. This is necessary to ensure fast customs clearance and any inspection.

According to the body type, cars can be closed and open. As a rule, transportation of goods of 3 tons is carried out in a tented closed truck. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way of delivery: this way the cargo will remain safe and sound, and the risk of theft during downtime is reduced.

Vehicles for the transport of goods up to 3 tons

Road freight transportation up to 3 tons has many nuances depending on the exact weight of the cargo, its volume and nature. Transportation of cargo weighing 3 tons is carried out only by specialized equipment, thanks to which the cargo remains safe throughout the entire route. Global Track offers customers an extensive fleet of vehicles with various types of vehicles, such as:

  • covered cars;
  • cars with an onboard all-metal body;
  • vehicles equipped with awnings and refrigerators.


The tarpaulin all-metal body is able to provide maximum protection for the transported goods on the way. The design provides for lockable doors, which helps prevent not only damage to cargo due to adverse climatic conditions, but also theft during transit during parking.

Transportation of goods weighing 3 tons can also be carried out in containers with special temperature conditions, and additional and reliable fastening of goods will not allow them to be damaged in difficult conditions.

Beads are used to transport small loads weighing up to one and a half tons and up to 18 cubic meters.

Transportation of goods up to 3 tons with Global Track

All our cars are carefully checked before each trip and are in perfect technical condition. Drivers are qualified and friendly. A GPS beacon is hung on each car, allowing you to track the location of the cargo at any time.


All the time collaborating personal operator is attached to you, he monitors all movements of the car and reports to you about any emergency and regular situations. You can contact the operator around the clock, he will answer any of your questions.

We care not only about our reputation – the opinion of each client is important to us. We are interested in long-term cooperation, so we carry out all transportation quickly and efficiently. Trust us with your product – we know how to make your business even more successful!

Conditions for the carriage of goods up to 3 tons

Our company provides cargo transportation services, 3 tons of which is the weight of the contents of the body in various directions:

  • Within Ukraine;
  • To the CIS countries;
  • To the countries of the European Union.

The price is calculated depending on the dimensions of the cargo and the distance of transportation. It is also affected by the type of vehicle and many other factors.

Transportation of goods up to 3 tons by our transport company is possible of any complexity. For the transport of highly dangerous or fragile goods, we have suitable vehicles with the necessary conditions. We will calculate the most safe and comfortable route for the delivery of cargo on time.

We do not transport

Customs-free cargo
Parcels, cargo, less than 1 pallet
We do not deliver live cargo (dogs, cats, people, etc.)
Liquid cargo
Private deliveries (boats, bikes, motorcycles, etc.)

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