Cargo transportation up to 10 tons

Global Track offers high-quality cargo transportation services from 10 tons and more. Such delivery requires the availability of specialized equipment capable of safely and quickly transporting goods of various sizes. Our vehicles are equipped with a modern all-metal body and an additional axle for stabilization. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the vehicle can be equipped with an isothermal body or an awning shelter.

Cargo transportation of 10 tons is widely demanded for movement both around the country and to remote regions of Asia, Europe and the CIS countries. The volume of cargo in road transportation of 10 tons is comparable to the volumes that are transported by rail. Only truck trucks are much more convenient: you do not need to pay for a transfer to the railway station, truck trucks can easily drive up to any warehouse.

In the Global Track company you can order transportation by refrigerator of 10 tons. This is a convenient and safe way to deliver different types of cargo both in our country and in remote regions. The price of transportation by truck of 10 tons depends on many factors, all this is taken into account by our experienced logisticians. They will create the perfect itinerary that fully meets your needs and requirements.

Advantages and prices for cargo transportation of 10 tons

Transportation of cargo of 10 tons by road has many advantages over other delivery methods:

  • High speed. Each car goes on a flight with two drivers, this is necessary to ensure safety and speed up movement. You will receive your cargo not only safe and sound, but also in a short time.
  • Address delivery. You do not need to overpay for the combined method, road transport will pass on almost any road, it is not tied to the airfield and railway tracks.
  • Large volume. You will be able to fully load the truck, it is more profitable than driving small vehicles many times.

As a rule, non-perishable goods are chosen for transportation of 10 tons, which are tightly packed inside the large space of the machine. For this, there is a service of cargo transportation with an awning of 10 tons. For perishable cargo, which requires compliance with certain climatic conditions, it is necessary to order transportation by a refrigerator of 10 tons. The cost of such a service will be higher.

The relevance of trucks with special equipment in the summer is especially growing: many entrepreneurs transport large volumes of products, some of which must be transported in a refrigerator. In this case, our logisticians build the necessary route and adjust the contents of the cargo: it is always more profitable to fully equip the refrigerator, and carry the usual cargo later.

In winter, in some cases, there is no need to maintain a low temperature. This does not apply to medicines: they are usually transported in batches with a small difference in temperature and humidity. All indicators are monitored by experienced drivers, they are interested in ensuring that there are no emergency situations on the road.

Price of transportation by truck 10 tons

The cost of transporting 10 tons depends on many factors: the duration of the trip, the presence of special requirements and accompanying documentation. The price increases when crossing borders with neighboring states, since it requires filling out a lot of additional paperwork, assessing the cargo, standing in line, etc.

Of particular note is the transportation of goods up to 10 tons with a tail lift. This is a special installation, which is mounted on a cargo vehicle and serves to lift a heavy load on board without the use of large-sized loading equipment. The lifting of the load is carried out from the pallet. When moving, the tail lift remains in the car and serves as one of the boards. The cost of such a service is negotiated with the operator and depends on several factors. Usually, large equipment, heavy building materials, industrial equipment, etc. are transported in this way.

Our company has its own fleet of vehicles, which is equipped with excellent equipment. We care about our reputation, so our drivers are always polite and competent. Experienced logisticians will make all the necessary preparations, take care of the correct packaging of the cargo and fill out the necessary documents.

Turning to us, you will be completely calm about your goods: a GPS tracker is attached to each car, it allows you to control the movement of the car along the route. You will have a personal operator who is available 24 hours a day. He will report any emergency situations to you personally for decision making. We will deliver your cargo quickly and in integrity, bring it to the right address and carry out all loading and unloading operations.

Transportation of goods of 10 tons and more with Global Track

We carry out transportation of up to 10 tons of both oversized and oversized cargo with special transportation conditions. As safely and without risk as possible, we will deliver high-risk goods on time due to the availability of equipped, reliable transport.

Transportation of goods up to 10 tons can be additionally insured at an individual rate, and loading and unloading are processed using special equipment, which guarantees the complete safety of goods.

Also, for the highest quality cargo transportation of 10 tons, if necessary, we will provide customs brokerage services, which include:

  • Registration of goods in any customs regime;
  • Registration;
  • Assistance in preparation of accompanying documents.

We take full responsibility for compliance with delivery times between transfer points and track the cargo at all stages of transportation.

Commercial cargo transportation is carried out in compliance with all legal regulations. If necessary, the services of a non-economic agent can be provided. We will take over the organization of the import and export of goods on a turnkey basis, find suppliers and conclude all necessary agreements and contracts up to customs clearance.

We do not transport

Customs-free cargo
Parcels, cargo, less than 1 pallet
We do not deliver live cargo (dogs, cats, people, etc.)
Liquid cargo
Private deliveries (boats, bikes, motorcycles, etc.)

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