Cargo transportation up to 20 tons

Transportation of large-tonnage cargo requires careful selection of the most suitable vehicle and competent organization of the entire logistics process. This will allow fast, efficient and safe delivery even over long distances. Refrigerators and trucks can be used to transport 20 tons. Our company owns its own fleet of modern vehicles, which means that we are ready to offer you various delivery options, taking into account the characteristics of your cargo and distance.

Transportation of goods up to 20 tons – varieties

Our clients are virtually unlimited. And all because we select vehicles based on the type of cargo being transported. Trucking 20 tons are distributed:

  • for agricultural machinery;
  • building materials;
  • industrial equipment;
  • reinforced concrete structures;
  • road and construction equipment;
  • cars;
  • river transport;
  • bulk and bulk cargoes;
  • food.

As for the last point, cargo is usually transported by refrigerated truck of 20 tons or less. We fully take into account the specifics of the transportation of goods in this category, including its location according to the instructions and maintaining the optimal temperature regime.

In other cases, we offer our customers transportation by trucks of 20 tons or less. Note that our company operates not only in Ukraine, but also in other areas (CIS countries, Europe, Asia).

Advantages of cargo transportation up to 20 tons by refrigerator

Transportation of vegetables and fruits of 20 tons by refrigerator will ensure the complete safety of the cargo to its destination. This method is also applicable in case of delivery:

  • meat and dairy products;
  • seafood and fish;
  • confectionery products, as well as ingredients for their preparation;
  • alcohol.

Also, refrigerated transportation of 20 tons is recommended for the transportation of chemicals, medicines, tobacco products, flowers and ornamental plants.

We can pick up a truck, minibus or smaller vehicle (for example, UAZ Cargo) for transportation of 20 tons. Several factors are taken into account:

  • total weight, volume and shape of the cargo;
  • physical and chemical characteristics of the goods;
  • delivery time and distance (especially important in the case of perishable products);
  • route complexity.

It is important to understand that refrigerators are classified according to the type of cooling. And our specialists take this into account when choosing the optimal vehicle for transporting the client’s goods. In our fleet there are refrigerators:

  • the first category (allows you to cool products and maintain a temperature not lower than +1 degree Celsius);
  • the second category (intended for frozen food);
  • combined type (operate in the range from +10 to -20 degrees Celsius);
  • multi-temperature type (the body is divided into special compartments in which their own temperature is maintained). This is a combined transportation of goods up to 20 tons (transportation of 20 tons).

The latter option is especially popular when transporting goods over long distances.

Refrigerated transportation of goods of 20 tons has its undeniable advantages:

  • maintaining the freshness of food;
  • the ability to set the optimum temperature and humidity;
  • full safety of the integrity of the goods, including its packaging.

Key features of cargo transportation of 20 tons by trucks

Cargo transportation by trucks of 20 tons is widely used by many commercial organizations. This is explained by the fact that this transportation option is a profitable solution. International cargo transportation by trucks of 20 tons saves both time and money. In this way, you can deliver not only large-capacity piece goods, but also:

  • building materials,
  • furniture,
  • electronics and home appliances.

Vehicles can be with an open or closed trailer. It all depends on the type of goods being transported. So, for example, an awning of 20 tons is used for bulk cargo transportation. But when delivering small electronics to 20 tons, it is better to carry out cargo transportation in a closed trailer.

How to order cargo transportation up to 20 tons

If you need a truck of 20 tons for transportation or you are interested in commercial transportation of 20 tons by a refrigerator, then to order a vehicle, you can contact the managers of our company. Our specialists:

  • they will provide you with all the information about the tariffs (the price per km is standardly set for cargo transportation by a truck of 20 tons);
  • clarify with you what products you need to deliver;
  • take into account the range of 20 tons of cargo transportation;
  • help to find a truck for transportation of cargo up to 20 tons;
  • will announce the total cost of transportation of 20 tons.

You can also independently study and choose the appropriate tariff for cargo transportation of 20 tons. To do this, it is enough to study our catalog. It presents the price of transportation of 20 tons for a certain vehicle. But we immediately note that our services are relatively inexpensive. For more accurate information, we recommend that you contact our staff on duty. This can be done through the feedback form on the website or by phone (numbers are listed in the contacts section).

For prompt and safe cargo transportation, it is important to choose the right vehicle, ensure the safety of the cargo and its timely delivery. All this is guaranteed by our transport and logistics company Global Track, which carries out road transport of up to 20 tons at any distance.

Transport of the company Global Track

Cargo transportation from 20 tons implies the availability of specialized vehicles with increased reliability and carrying capacity. Depending on the cargo being transported, we select the most suitable option that meets the safety requirements.

For the highest quality cargo transportation of 20 tons of products, various body types are used:

  • Onboard;
  • All-metal;
  • Tilted.

The side body is a platform with limiting boards on three sides, which are easily and quickly dismantled, which has a positive effect on the speed and convenience of loading and unloading operations.

Transportation of goods of 20 tons over long distances is often carried out in tented vehicles with sides. Such a body is equipped with special struts, on which an awning is stretched, protecting the transported cargo from adverse weather conditions, and the refrigerator ensures the safety of various types of goods. For the delivery of indivisible equipment weighing from 20 tons, cargo transportation is carried out by a low-bed trailer.

Advantages of cargo transportation of 20 tons from Global Track

Our company carries out transportation of various cargoes weighing 20 tons and more:

Transportation of goods up to 20 tons is carried out throughout Ukraine, in the CIS countries and Europe. We also provide services for loading, unloading, execution of accompanying documentation, including customs and cargo insurance. We guarantee delivery exactly on time and provide customers with the services of a personal manager who is always ready to answer any questions.

We do not transport

Customs-free cargo
Parcels, cargo, less than 1 pallet
We do not deliver live cargo (dogs, cats, people, etc.)
Liquid cargo
Private deliveries (boats, bikes, motorcycles, etc.)

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