Transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of bulky goods by road is always a popular service that allows you to save a lot of money on the transportation of large volumes of various products. Oversized transportation is carried out using specialized vehicles with a high carrying capacity. Transport company Global Track offers comfortable conditions for large-sized cargo transportation and the most favorable prices for services to its customers.

The weight, dimensions and other parameters of the transported cargo are of great importance in organizing the entire logistics process. And if furniture, personal items, food can be delivered by small and medium-sized transport, then in the case of large items of non-standard shapes and weights, this is almost impossible.

One of the leading directions of our company is the transportation of oversized cargo. We take into account the specifics of work in this area, ensuring the safe transportation of large items over any distance. Our specialists carry out a complete logistics development for the upcoming route. Employees of the company select the best transport, prepare all the necessary documentation, resolve the issue of escort and customs control (if necessary).

What applies to oversized shipments

According to the approved standards, the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo should be carried out on special equipment, which is equipped with a sufficiently spacious platform and a large number of fasteners. Oversized cargo transportation services may be needed when transporting:

  • road and agricultural machinery;
  • reinforced concrete and metal structures, the dimensions of which exceed the standard dimensions;
  • industrial and specialized special equipment.

Oversized shipments are considered as such if the delivered products together with the vehicle exceed the following parameters:

  • height – over 4 meters;
  • width – more than 2 meters and 55 centimeters;
  • length – from 20 meters or more.

Professional transportation of heavy and oversized cargo is carried out along the developed route. An accompanying vehicle with orange beacons may participate in the process. If the dimensions of the cargo exceed the established metric parameters, then the cargo vehicle is additionally accompanied by one or more vehicles with employees of the state traffic inspectorate.

Key features of oversized transportation

Cargo transportation of oversized cargo is possible with a full package of documents, which includes:

  • a statement (it indicates the exact route of movement, the time during which bulky goods will be transported by road, as well as the characteristics of the cargo itself, that is, its dimensions and weight);
  • passport and certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • vehicle diagram (number of wheels, axles indicating load distribution);
  • other information that specifies the technical conditions for the transportation of cargo, including its location on the platform.

Competent organization of transportation of bulky and heavy cargo will help to avoid unpleasant consequences and complete the work on time. The specialists of our company have extensive experience in this area, so you can be sure that the transportation of large equipment and other cargo will be carried out in accordance with the rules.

It should be remembered that when transporting products outside the country, it is required to prepare an additional list of documents. This is also included in our trucking services for bulky items.

The advantages of our services for the transportation of oversized cargo by road

Here are at least 5 reasons why you should contact us:

  • transportation of bulky goods by road is available to both legal entities and individuals;
  • we offer the best rates for our services (our transportation of oversized cargo is inexpensive);
  • we have our own car park. We select heavy vehicles for large-sized transportation;
  • we work not only in Ukraine. Our transportation of oversized cargo by trawls and other special equipment is available to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia;
  • regardless of whether you need to transport large-sized equipment or non-standard reinforced concrete structures, we always prepare the route, minimizing time and financial costs.

Our transport company offers the most favorable conditions for large-sized road transport in the country. We guarantee compliance with the delivery time and the complete safety of the transported cargo.

Note that we have available not only road transportation of oversized cargo. To solve easier tasks, other vehicles are presented in our catalog, including minibuses and UAZ Cargo. To clarify the prices and order the service, you can contact the managers of the company (contacts are presented in a special section of the site).

What is oversized cargo used for?

It is necessary to use this service when transporting the following categories of products:

  • furniture;
  • industrial and other commercial equipment;
  • special purpose equipment;
  • long metal structures, pipes;
  • other cargo characterized by large dimensions.

For the successful transportation of bulky goods to their destination, it is necessary to use vehicles with increased carrying capacity and an increased body.

Features of oversized transportation

The transportation of oversized cargo can be hampered by the danger of creating accidents due to the tilt of the truck body. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to ensure the safe location of the load on the car body – all its sides must be under the same load so that there is no roll

For the same purpose, when transporting bulky and heavy cargo, the transported machines and other products are rigidly fixed in the body with the help of strong belts. If this is not done, the goods placed in the body of the car, when it moves along the road, can start moving from any shock and create an emergency.

If you have planned a large-sized transportation, the first thing to do is to check the chosen car for compliance with safety requirements – are there belts, sills, etc.

Why cars are involved in bulky transportation

The reason is that the transportation of bulky and heavy goods by road is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to transfer the ordered goods to its recipient. Due to the prevalence of roads in this way, you can deliver cargo to almost anywhere in the world. The only exceptions are cases when it is necessary to combine modes of transport to deliver goods to their destination.

The availability and efficiency of road transport has made this method of transporting goods the most popular in the world – any transportation conditions can be supported in the back of a car.

Road transportation of oversized cargo Global Track

Do you want to send heavy or oversized cargo within Ukraine or abroad? Then you should contact our company for help. The range of services provided includes transportation of bulky and heavy cargo with the involvement of cars.

In order to get help in a question that interests you, just contact the company’s managers through our website. You can call the specified phone number and leave a request for bulky transportation. Vehicles used in transportation are presented on the site. We will provide the highest quality delivery at a comfortable price per kilometer and lay out the safest possible route.

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