Transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo requires special conditions, increased attention to detail and the selection of appropriate vehicles. For each type of goods in our fleet there are all the necessary semi-trailers of different lengths, widths, carrying capacity. Road transportation of oversized cargo has now become one of the most popular types of delivery across the country. Oversized cargo includes agricultural and industrial equipment, construction equipment and many other goods that no enterprise can do without. We offer transportation by trawl of any objects of various directions and guarantee the most prompt delivery on time.

Transportation of oversized cargo requires careful planning and competent selection of optimal conditions for its transportation. After all, it should be understood that this category includes cargo, the volume, mass and other parameters of which exceed the standard dimensions. It is also important to consider the rules and regulations that apply to this type of delivery. For this reason, oversized cargo transportation should be trusted to professionals.

Transportation of which oversized cargo is possible

Road transportation of oversized cargo must be carried out on specially prepared vehicles. After all, it is simply impossible to place bulky and unusually heavy items in a regular container. During the transportation of oversized cargo, it is important to remember about the safety of the driver, as well as other road users.

According to the approved rules, the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo is considered as such if:

  • the length of the transported object exceeds 16 meters;
  • its height is more than 4 meters;
  • cargo width over 2 meters 55 centimeters.

To more accurately understand what oversized cargo transportation is, let’s take the most popular cargo in this category as an example:

  • construction and road equipment;
  • industrial equipment, including drilling and crane installations, excavators and bulldozers;
  • water transport;
  • special equipment used in agriculture (harvesters, tractors, etc.);
  • reinforced concrete and metal structures of non-standard sizes.

Transportation of oversized cargo is selected for such oversized cargo. Moreover, the dimensions are taken into account in the first place. In some cases, the transportation of heavy oversized cargo is possible only if low loaders are used.

Features of transportation of oversized cargo

Logistic route planning and selection of vehicles is the first thing on which the organization of transportation of oversized cargo is based. When choosing machines, platforms and trailers, not only their dimensions are taken into account, but also their carrying capacity. Heavy objects require the use of a platform that is equipped with a large number of axles. In this case, the transportation of oversized cargo with a trawl is mandatory. This is done not only to ensure safety while driving, but also to ensure the safety of the delivered cargo.

If you need to transport oversized cargo abroad, you must first obtain a special permit for this. Turning to our company, you can use the service of preparing documents. Our clients have access to full turnkey logistics of oversized cargo.

Of the features of this type of delivery, we note the need for escort in the event that freight transportation of oversized cargo involves the transportation of cargo whose length exceeds 20 meters. We also note that the auto transportation of oversized cargo accompanied by a light vehicle, on which special orange signals are installed, applies to objects no more than 24 meters. If the specified parameters are exceeded, transportation of oversized cargo is possible only under the control of the state traffic inspectorate.

If the mass of the vehicle with a load exceeds 44 tons, then the development of a special project along its route is required. This means that such oversized cargo especially needs logistics. Do not forget about enhanced customs control. Note that this is included in our oversized cargo transportation services. You do not need to contact intermediary companies.

Types of oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo transportation can be conditionally divided into 3 main groups. First of all, large-sized goods are distinguished. They require low-frame platforms, trawls, and transportation without which is not possible. Large-sized products are called products, the size of which exceeds the allowable dimensions of the loading platform.

The second group is distinguished by lengthy and long ones. These are considered products whose length is 2 m more than the body. If we take into account that the standard dimensions of a cargo body or a semi-trailer are approximately 13.6 m, then it turns out that a load of 20 m is long. Semi-trailers and trawls are required for the transportation of oversized cargo of this type.

The third category is heavy cargo. Such objects are considered to be with a weight of more than 25 tons, if more than 50 tons, then they are super heavy. We have all the types of transport necessary for such transportation, so we are ready to carry cargo of any gravity. The best option for moving heavy loads is trawl transportation. It is convenient, safe and, most importantly, beneficial for the client.

What goods can be transported on trawls

We carry out transportation of oversized cargo of the following types:

  • Oversized containers. For their transportation, a low-frame cargo platform is used, transportation on which will provide maximum convenience. This variant of transportation by trawl is used when the diameter of the container is up to 20 m. The weight is distributed evenly over several axles of the vehicle. Cylindrical objects are fixed on the platform for transportation with straps, stop bars and linings;
  • Special equipment. Transportation by trawl is used for bulldozers, cranes, loaders, excavators, generators, compressors, etc.

Oversized transportation by road also involves the transportation of water transport, which mainly concerns yachts and boats. Thus, it is possible to transport change houses to any distance.

What structures are used for cargo transportation

Delivery of oversized cargo is carried out on a special transport. The choice of platform depends on the height of the base, load capacity, number of axles, use of additional equipment.

Heavy and oversized loads with a high center of gravity are unstable, which is especially felt when turning vehicles. To ensure safety, low-frame trawls are used, in which the platform is lower than the wheel axles. Thus, the most reliable transportation is carried out, the platform has all the necessary characteristics and can vary in carrying capacity (there are models up to 40, 60 and even 100 tons). We use only vehicles from well-known world manufacturers and use powerful tractors, as well as pay attention to additional devices: locks, expanders, etc.

Benefits of cooperation with us

Transportation of oversized cargo by road is associated with a lot of nuances. We will do our best to make you satisfied and get the maximum benefit from our cooperation:

  • We will think over a special route along which it will be possible to transport oversized products;
  • We will select the appropriate vehicle;
  • We will provide the cargo with reliable fastening and equip a trawl, transportation with which will become extremely efficient;
  • We will issue permits if necessary;
  • We organized an escort along the route.

Transportation of oversized cargo is carried out using the most modern equipment and proven transportation technologies. We offer the best prices on the market, so the transportation of oversized cargo by our forces is the most profitable.

Why you should order transportation of oversized cargo from us

Preparation of documents, organization of escort and customs clearance are just a few reasons to contact us. Among other advantages, we highlight the fact that:

  • we offer relatively low prices for the transportation of oversized cargo;
  • our managers announce the full cost of transportation of oversized cargo even before signing the contract;
  • thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we have access to multimodal transportation of oversized cargo;
  • the geography of our work is huge, because we provide a service for the transportation of oversized cargo not only in Ukraine. We deliver goods to the CIS countries, Asia and Europe.

You can find out the cost of transporting oversized cargo by road, clarify tariffs and place an order through our specialists. You can contact them by phone or through a special form on the site. The numbers can be found in the contact section. You can also see for yourself which tariffs include the transportation of oversized cargo. For these purposes, a catalog is posted on the company’s website. Not only large-capacity vehicles are presented here, but also minibusses, refrigerators, UAZ Cargo and other special equipment. Please note that our services are inexpensive.

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