Transportation of goods with temperature control

For some goods during their storage and transportation, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime. If it is violated, the cargo deteriorates and cannot be used in the future. Transportation of goods with a temperature regime requires special care in the selection of a vehicle.

Food products and ingredients for their preparation, flowers and ornamental plants are included in a special category of goods, the transportation of which must be carried out under certain conditions. This is especially important when it comes to the delivery of perishable products, as well as medicines. Here, speed and the creation of a special climate in the trailer or semi-trailer are important.

For this reason, such temperature-controlled cargoes are transported as standard. To do this, resort to the help of refrigeration equipment. Specialists not only set a certain parameter, but also maintain it throughout the entire journey. It is extremely important to prevent a change in the microclimate in the body, because this will affect the quality of the transported goods.

Key features of professional cargo transportation with temperature control

There are both interstate and international standards for the transportation of the presented commodity groups. We operate within the approved regulations. After all, the main goal of this type of delivery is to create a constant temperature for the safety of the delivered batch. Moreover, the transportation of food products with a temperature regime should exclude its sharp jumps and changes in air humidity. As a result, such cargo will not only not lose its presentation, but will also be safe for the end user.

Transportation of temperature cargo has certain rules that must be observed:

  • meat and meat products should be stacked tightly in the refrigerator. This will eliminate the possibility of defrosting and shrinkage of products in transit. If deep freezing of meat is required, then the temperature parameter is set to -18 degrees (travel time should not exceed 18-20 days). But if transportation is carried out with a temperature regime of -5 degrees (for chilled raw materials), then the duration of the trip should not be more than 12 days;
  • ice cream, butter and other dairy products are delivered at a temperature of -18 degrees, but sour cream, yoghurts, milk and cottage cheese – within +4 degrees (no more);
  • fish and seafood are pre-packed in boxes, crates and barrels. Transportation of goods is carried out in temperature conditions from -18 to -6 degrees. Cold smoked products can be transported at a temperature of +5 degrees.

When organizing the transportation of temperature-controlled goods, it is necessary to take into account the temperature range in which the storage of a particular type of product is permissible. Our staff employs highly qualified specialists who take this parameter into account when forming a certain batch and selecting a vehicle. This is extremely important only because it is not enough to cool any cargo. Some items require deep freezing. Moreover, it is important to ensure stable operation of the equipment without lowering the set parameter.

So that you can notice the difference and understand why it is so important to ensure optimal conditions for the delivery of such goods, we will explain in more detail what products from the perishable segment are:

  • cooled (in this case, transportation of goods with a temperature regime from 0 to +15 degrees Celsius is acceptable). Such conditions are preliminarily created in the chamber. After that, the product is loaded. The set parameters are maintained until the vehicle arrives at the destination.
  • chilled (delivery of goods with a temperature regime of -5 to -1 degrees Celsius is acceptable). Here, as in the previous case, preliminary preparation and maintenance of the created conditions are required.

There is also a third category of the presented product group – frozen. The rules for its transportation are even stricter. In such a situation, it is required to comply with the conditions for the carriage of goods with a temperature regime of -6 degrees Celsius and below. This parameter must not be increased. Thawing and refreezing such a product can lead to its immediate deterioration. In this case, the quality of products is significantly reduced.

Note that it is also possible to transport sensitive goods with standard degree parameters, but in conditions of ensuring good and intensive air ventilation. This method of delivery refers to non-refrigerated. It is used in the case of transporting certain types of vegetables and fruits over short distances. In other cases, only temperature transportation of products is used.

Why is it so important? It should be understood here that temperature transportation allows you to preserve the freshness of products and the safety of other perishable goods. Given the origin, they can be conditionally classified into the following groups:

  • vegetables and fruits (plant products);
  • processed products;
  • animal-type cargo (meat, fish, including live);
  • drugs of certain types;
  • natural flowers and ornamental plants.

Recall that this is only a conditional distribution by groups.

Note that when delivering food that requires different storage conditions, groupage cargo is transported with a temperature regime. For these purposes, refrigerators are used, divided into compartments, each of which has its own temperature range with maintenance along the entire route.

What products need a special temperature regime

This includes the following product categories:

  • medicines;
  • cosmetics – a number of products from this category require special storage and transportation conditions to preserve their original properties;
  • food, etc.

In the process of transportation with a temperature regime, not only the desired temperature level is ensured, but also sufficient humidity in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Requirements for cargo transportation with temperature control

The conditions for the transportation of goods with a temperature regime are tied to the category of goods transported and to what time of the year transportation is carried out. There are several reasons for this:

  • goods from different categories have different requirements for temperature and humidity inside the body;
  • in the summer, it is necessary to cool the car body, as it gradually heats up under the sun and transfers heat inside, which can affect the safety of products;
  • in winter, body heating may be required to maintain the minimum required temperature.

Our company is ready to provide an extensive fleet of vehicles, in which there are vehicles for the delivery of any type of objects, both in the hot summer period and in winter.

Temperature controlled cargo transportation service in our company Global Track

Transportation of temperature cargo will not be a problem in cooperation with Global Track. We carefully select a vehicle suitable for transportation and develop the best route for each delivery individually.

It is easy and simple to apply directly on the site or by calling the contact phone number. The list of vehicles available for transportation is indicated on the corresponding page of the resource. There you can also find approximate prices per kilometer and calculate the cost of the service provided. More detailed information can be obtained from managers.

Why you should entrust the delivery of temperature cargo to us

We carry out prompt and professional transportation of goods with a temperature regime in Ukraine, as well as to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. But this is not all the advantages of our company. Let’s highlight at least 7 reasons why you should contact us:

  • our experts are ready to prepare all the necessary documents as soon as possible;
  • we work quickly. You can place an order for the service on the website or through our phone managers (numbers are indicated in the contacts section). It does not take a lot of time;
  • we can deliver groupage cargo with a temperature regime at a low price;
  • our transport company owns its own fleet of trucks, refrigerators, minibuses, UAZ Cargo. And this means that full and groupage transportation with temperature control will be carried out on a suitable vehicle (depending on the type of cargo and the distance);
  • we offer relatively low prices for cargo transportation by refrigerator (tariffs are presented on the website);
  • our transportation of goods in temperature conditions is carried out strictly within the agreed time;
  • for freight transportation by refrigerator, the price is formed depending on the mileage.

If you need transportation of groupage cargo with temperature control, then it’s time to contact the company’s specialists. You can study the tariffs for cargo transportation by refrigerator in the catalog. The full cost of the upcoming work will be announced to you by our employees.


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