Cargo transportation up to 1 ton

Cargo transportation up to 1 ton is always relevant. This service is often used by both individual entrepreneurs, individuals and large companies. Today, small business is developing at a rapid pace, so small-volume cargo transportation is more in demand than ever. The cargo can be food, consumer goods, production, office documentation, household and industrial equipment. Our transport company is always ready to provide high-quality cargo transportation services with favorable conditions for the client.

Suitable transport for cargo transportation

Transportation of goods up to 1 ton often requires an individual approach when choosing a suitable vehicle, because a variety of goods can be transported. The Global Track company has an impressive fleet of vehicles, in which there are various options for trucks.

The most popular types of cars are:

  • Refrigerators. Transport equipped with modern refrigerators will ensure the complete safety of perishable products and those things that require compliance with the optimum temperature;
  • Vans. For the safe transportation of furniture and rather fragile equipment, we use protected vans, in which each cargo is securely fixed and not exposed to the external environment;
  • Tilt cars. Universal tent containers are suitable for a wide range of products, protect them from moisture and other negative factors.

Cargo transportation, for which 1 ton is the nominal value of the transported mass, has its own characteristics. One-ton trucks are much more maneuverable and compact than large trucks, so such delivery is much faster, because the transport feels great on any road.

Our services

We are ready to provide our loaders who will quickly load the goods inside the vehicle and securely fix it so that the products reach their destination safe and sound. We can also issue the necessary documentation and provide support at the request of the customer. If we are talking about crossing the border, then we can help with customs clearance of delivery.

In order to avoid traffic jams, our managers will select the appropriate transport and route, taking into account the specifics of the cargo. All drivers are highly qualified, so the cargo will be delivered to its destination on time and without delay. Each truck is equipped with a GPS navigator, which allows you to track the location of the cargo at any time.


We do not transport

Customs-free cargo
Parcels, cargo, less than 1 pallet
We do not deliver live cargo (dogs, cats, people, etc.)
Liquid cargo
Private deliveries (boats, bikes, motorcycles, etc.)

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