Transportation of cattle is usually ordered by farm enterprises that need to purchase livestock of pigs, goats, sheep, horses, cows. Meat-packing plants, which specialize in the processing of raw materials with the further sale of finished products, are also interested in delivery. The cost of the service is calculated depending on the weight of the animals and the route traveled. Our company will select the optimal vehicle in a matter of minutes.

The main task in the transportation of cattle is to ensure the safe transportation of all animals in a large group. This requires a special rolling stock, divided into several compartments.

Transportation of large animals is not an easy task, which can be handled only if you have a suitable vehicle, certain knowledge and experience. Our company will solve it quickly and professionally. And all because we have our own fleet of vehicles and a staff of highly qualified specialists.

Features of transportation by a livestock truck

Working with live weight has its own specifics. After all, it is important not only to deliver cattle to their destination, but also not to harm them on the way. With improper transportation, restoring the health of individuals can take a lot of time and effort. In addition, it will cost the client dearly. For this reason, we try to take into account all the features of the upcoming work and eliminate all possible risks, especially when it comes to delivering animals over long distances.

We carry out transportation by cattle truck. All used vehicles are equipped according to the established international standards. For safe transportation, all rolling stock is divided into sections. Semi-trailers are equipped with:

Our transportation by a livestock truck is suitable for the delivery of not only livestock, but also exotic and forest animals. We can easily transport individuals to nature reserves, zoos and farms.

In what directions is transportation by a livestock truck possible?

Our transport company works in various directions. We deliver cargo across Ukraine, to the CIS countries, as well as to Europe and Asia. Our fleet includes large-tonnage vehicles, minibuses and UAZ Cargo. You can study the tariffs in the catalog. You can place an order for delivery on the website or by calling the phone number of the staff on duty. To contact our managers, just go to the contact section.

We provide low cost services. The cost of transportation depends on the mileage and type of vehicle.

The specifics of the transportation of cattle by a cattle truck

Transportation of animals by a cattle truck is carried out only after passing the veterinary and sanitary control, sanitization and disinfection of the car. According to the rules, the use of dump trucks and onboard rolling stock, which are used for chemical industry products, is not allowed. Soft flooring is a must.

What transport do we use to transport cattle

Transportation of cattle by road involves the use of a special cattle truck, which is a tractor with a specialized semi-trailer. On such a composition, additional equipment is used: a water supply system for animals, climate and ventilation systems, and a shower system for animals. Livestock trucks have from 1 to 4 tiers and are selected individually, depending on the type of transported animals and their number. Transportation by a livestock truck allows livestock to quickly and safely reach even the most remote settlements.