Groupage cargo transportation

Groupage cargo transportation is the optimal solution when it is necessary to deliver a small volume cargo to the recipient. These services are mainly used by start-ups and small companies, because groupage trucking can significantly reduce the cost of delivering goods.

One of the demanded formats of transportation of various commodity groups is the transportation of groupage cargo. The delivered batch is formed from several smaller ones. The key benefit lies in saving money and time for customers. Our transport company offers groupage cargo transportation in various directions: across Ukraine, to the CIS countries, Asia and Europe.


What does groupage cargo transportation include?

Groupage cargo transportation requires a competent approach to the choice of special vehicles and the formation of the route. A distinctive feature of the work of our company is that we always take into account the commodity proximity of the delivered products. This guarantees not only compliance with all delivery dates, but also the complete safety of the transported goods. After all, it is important to understand that not any cargo can be sent in one batch.

We develop and implement a complete and professional logistics of groupage cargo, taking into account their specifics. Despite the fact that our main task is the speed of work, nevertheless, in this case, we focus on the right product neighborhood. So, for example, the transportation of groupage cargoes of food products is formed taking into account the conditions of their storage during delivery (air humidity, temperature indicators).

Refrigerated transportation of groupage cargo excludes the possibility of food spoilage. For these purposes, equipped trailers and semi-trailers with refrigerated chambers are selected:

  • which are able to maintain a certain temperature;
  • divided into compartments, in which individual temperature regimes are set depending on the type and type of cargo being transported.

For other product groups, we select transport depending on the total volume and weight of the consignment. Such combined transportation and delivery of goods are carried out on trucks, road trains, minibuses and even UAZ Cargo.

Benefits of Groupage Cargo Transportation

Consolidated transportation of goods is especially in demand among small commercial organizations and individuals. This is due to the small consignments of goods that need to be delivered. Sending them on a medium- and large-capacity vehicle in this case is not profitable. In such a situation, it is advisable to order the transportation of groupage cargo, because such a service is inexpensive.

Our transport company stands out against the background of the rest by the fact that it fully organizes multimodal transportation of groupage cargo, if one vehicle is not enough. You do not need to contact intermediary organizations and deal with the execution of all necessary documentation. All this will be done by our employees. That is why groupage cargo transportation with us is fast, easy and affordable.

In addition, we have our own fleet of vehicles. This allows us not only to correctly select the optimal vehicle for a specific order, but also to adjust the timing, reducing the delivery time for our customers. And this applies to the transportation of full and groupage cargo.

But this is not all the benefits of this service. We also note the relatively low cost of transporting groupage cargo, because the calculation for paying for fuel is based on the number of people included in one delivery batch. The speed of work and the operational organization of the transportation of groupage cargoes are some more undoubted advantages. Considering that the presented service is in great demand, our customers do not have to wait long for a batch to be sent.


How is the delivery of groupage cargo different from the usual transportation of goods

The main difference lies in the fact that the goods in this case are transported in a car, which also moves someone else’s cargo. Typically, groupage cargo transportation is used to deliver goods on the same route, which have different senders and recipients. This allows business owners to save on transportation of products – it is enough to find a car in which similar goods are transported along the desired route and find out if there is free space in the back.

Often, the senders of goods themselves agree among themselves and order a car if the cargo they transport must arrive in one city or several cities located along the route to the final address. Groupage cargo transportation can be carried out in any region, because often the cars are quite maneuverable and with good cross-country ability.

The main advantages of groupage cargo transportation

The positive aspects of such cargo transportation include:

  • The ability to reduce the cost of delivering goods to recipients. This method is used not only by enterprises that have released a small batch of products for the customer, but also by online stores;
  • Delivery speed. You don’t have to wait for someone in the same city to order the amount of goods that is not enough to fully load the car.

These features of groupage cargo transportation are actively used by individual entrepreneurs and small companies operating throughout the country.

The conditions for the delivery of groupage cargo are selected according to the characteristics of the goods being transported – only those products that have similar requirements for the transportation and storage process can be transported in one body. This ensures the safety of the goods in their original form for the recipient.


How is the transportation of consolidated cargo

The goods are loaded onto the vehicle so that they can be easily unloaded at the destinations. Products are distributed in the body in accordance with the trip plan – goods are placed in the back of the body, which must be unloaded at the final stop. This approach ensures a quick transfer of cargo to recipients while maintaining a high speed of road transportation of groupage cargo and the safety of other goods.

The route of the trip is built along the shortest possible path, taking into account all the stops that the car of the transport company with groupage cargo must make. Groupage is applicable to different types of products depending on the vehicle chosen.


Groupage cargo transportation with Global Track

Our transport company sends consolidated cargoes regularly. We are engaged in transportation in Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe and Asia. To receive the service, you just need to leave a request by filling it out through the site, or call the specified phone numbers. Managers will contact you to clarify the information and provide detailed information about when such delivery is possible and how much it will cost. Groupage cargo delivery will be carried out as transparently and promptly as possible, because we have been working in this area for more than one year and offer only the highest quality cargo transportation services.

Features of transportation of groupage cargoes by our company

Professional transportation of groupage cargo consists of several stages:

  • the client places an order indicating the commodity group of the cargo and its weight;
  • the price of transportation of groupage cargo is announced;
  • products are accepted to the consolidation warehouse;
  • distribution and formation of groupage cargo for transportation along a certain route;
  • the optimal vehicle is selected;
  • the cargo is packed and, if necessary, marked;
  • a package of documents for the transported batch is drawn up;
  • a route is being developed taking into account the agreed terms with consignors;
  • groupage cargo is transported by road;
  • the cargo is delivered to the warehouse at the destination;
    the product is transferred to the recipient.

Transportation of dangerous goods by groupage is also possible. But in this case, the product is packaged as close as possible to the category of neighborhood of product groups. You can clarify information on road transportation of groupage cargo of this type from the company’s managers. You can contact them by phone or through the feedback form on the site. They will also provide you with rates for groupage shipments of the categories you require.

The price largely depends on the type of vehicle and mileage. You can also check the rates yourself. They are listed in the catalog. But we note right away that our transportation of groupage cargo is inexpensive. Our operators will help you calculate the final cost. You can find the telephone numbers of the staff on duty in the contacts section.



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