Road long-distance transportation of commercial cargo in Ukraine from 100 kg to 22 tons, including groupage

Intercity cargo transportation

Intercity cargo transportation is a popular service, which can be used by both legal entities and individuals. It involves the delivery of things, animals and food to another settlement at a distance of more than 50 km from the city limits from which the cargo is sent.

Intercity trucking is carried out on the territory of one state. This is their distinguishing feature. Our transport company offers to use this service in Ukraine and other CIS countries. If necessary, you can place an order for intercity transportation in Asia or Europe.

Features of intercity cargo transportation

The most important advantage is that long-distance transportation of things and goods does not require a large number of documents. In addition, such a service is inexpensive (compared to the transportation of goods to other states).

Note that intercity transportation is available for any product groups, including:

  • construction, industrial or agricultural machinery;
  • valuable goods;
  • personal items;
  • lengthy and oversized cargo;
  • bulk and liquid materials;
  • Food; furniture;
  • live cargo (cattle and farm animals).

It can be used for the transportation of intercity buses, as well as trucks, refrigerators and other vehicles. The type of vehicle is selected depending on the volume and tonnage of the delivered cargo. Its specificity is also taken into account. So, for example, long-distance transportation of animals is carried out on cattle trucks and semi-trailers equipped for these purposes. But for the delivery of perishable food, transport equipped with ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems is selected.

Why intercity transportation is worth ordering from us

Our staff consists of true professionals in their field. Employees of the company will quickly select a suitable vehicle and develop the best route. Here you can order intercity freight transportation for any product groups. Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to complete even the most difficult task within a predetermined time frame.

We have available intercity transportation on trucks and refrigerators. Our fleet also includes minibuses, UAZ Cargo and Gazelles. The total cost of intercity transportation largely depends on the distance and the chosen transport. When choosing a car, we take into account the weight, dimensions and features of the cargo.

For example, our employees send a gazelle for intercity transportation if it is necessary to deliver furniture, personal belongings and small items to another locality. Indeed, in this case, it makes no sense to order large-tonnage transport. This means that fuel consumption and time for loading / unloading cargo, and therefore costs will be reduced.

For small consignments of goods, a minibus for intercity transportation is also suitable. If the dimensions or weight of the delivered cargo are relatively large, then it is advisable to choose a larger transport. But in any situation, our intercity transportation is inexpensive. In the latter case, fuel consumption is compensated by the volume of deliveries.

Advantages of intercity transportation from our transport company

Of the key advantages, it should be noted that:

  • We work not only with legal entities. We have private intercity transportation available;
  • our price list contains relatively low tariffs for intercity transportation, which apply to all types of vehicles;
  • you can order intercity bus transportation from us;
  • we carry out long-distance transportation of furniture, food products, non-food cargo, agricultural livestock;
  • we offer optimal delivery times (all long-distance cargo transportation is carried out within the agreed time frame);
  • our long-distance cargo transportation also includes loading/unloading operations.

If you need urgent intercity transportation of goods, then this is also possible. The company’s specialists will make a complete logistical development of the route in order to reduce delivery times.

You can study the prices for intercity cargo transportation in our catalog. You can get more detailed information about tariffs for intercity transportation services from our managers. It is possible to contact them through the feedback form, by visiting our long-distance transportation website, as well as by phone (numbers are presented in the contacts section).

Long-distance transportation by car is considered the most practical and affordable mode of transportation when it comes to medium or small volumes of products. Goods are usually delivered to cities that are located far from the airport, river, and railways. Customers choose transport, product delivery format, as well as additional options. The car can be used throughout the entire route or on a certain section of it.

Delivery options

Intercity transportation by car can be carried out in several ways, depending on the need and wishes of the customer.:

  • Warehouse-warehouse. When ordering cargo transportation services between cities, the products are first delivered to the warehouse, and from there they are transported to the same facility located near the recipient;
  • Warehouse door. The cargo is delivered to the warehouse, and then transported to the recipient at the specified address;
  • Door-door. It assumes the delivery of goods directly to the recipient;
  • Multiple senders – one recipient. This option is relevant for businesses that buy goods from different companies and sell to multiple recipients.

Cargo to be transported and suitable transport

Global Track company performs cargo transportation, intercity transportation of various types of cargo:

For high-quality and reliable transportation, we offer a large fleet of vehicles with different carrying capacities. The equipment is always ready for the road and equipped for specific needs.

For example, intercity transportation of agricultural goods or construction equipment is carried out by low-frame platforms. Food needs to be transported at a certain temperature, so isothermal vans are relevant. To transport bulk cargo, we use tanks of various sizes. For each type of cargo, a separate transport is assumed, which differs in its capabilities and characteristics.

Additional services

Our specialists are ready not only to carry out intercity transportation, but also to provide additional services.:

  • Services of a foreign economic agent. Our agent is independently engaged in the organization of import, export of goods. It all starts with the search for suppliers, the conclusion of contracts with them and ends with the delivery of cargo, its customs clearance;
  • Customs brokerage services. We are ready to arrange the cargo regardless of the chosen mode. We can also register the goods and help with the accompanying documents, their execution;
  • Loading and unloading works. Professional loaders will unload and load the goods, if necessary, they will do it with the highest quality and compliance with the necessary requirements;
  • Cargo insurance. If the goods are expensive, you can additionally insure them using special preferential rates.

Intercity delivery of goods in cooperation with us is carried out as quickly and without delay as possible. We will help you complete all the necessary documents and deliver your products in one piece.

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