Cargo transportation up to 2 tons

Transportation of goods up to 2 tons allows you to deliver the necessary goods to almost anywhere in the country as quickly and without unnecessary interference. Such a service is in demand among large and small entrepreneurs, as well as individuals, because cargo transportation by small and more maneuverable vehicles is in many cases much more efficient and cheaper.


Features of cargo transportation up to 2 tons

The transport and logistics company Global Track offers the most favorable conditions to its customers for cargo transportation from 2 tons. Transportation of goods of 2 tons in weight and small volumes is distinguished not only by a more comfortable cost, but also by many other advantages.


Among the main advantages of low-tonnage delivery are the following:


  • High passability of transport, thanks to which transportation is possible even to remote places with not very favorable conditions;
  • Order fulfillment efficiency. Small-sized equipment is more maneuverable and faster, and with a properly built route, the road will not take much time;
  • Convenient loading. Additional loading equipment in the case of cargo transportation of 2 tons is usually not required, only labor is sufficient for these purposes;
  • High competition, allowing the client to choose the most favorable terms of cooperation for him.


Global Track not only performs cargo transportation, but also provides services of loaders, assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation and accompanying the goods.


The demand for small cargo transportation is increasing every year by 10%. This is due to the relative cheapness of such a service, when compared, for example, with a tonnage of 10-20 tons, and the speed of movement. Cargo transportation up to 2 tons is often ordered when moving an apartment or office, transporting goods for small and medium-sized businesses, for the logistics of valuable goods that need to meet certain conditions (for example, expensive pharmaceuticals often need to be transported in small batches while observing the temperature regime).


Categories of cargo transportation 2 tons

There are two categories of cargo up to 2 tons: ordinary, which can be transported in a flatbed truck with a removable tarpaulin, and those requiring special conditions for storage and transportation. The latter are transported in closed vans provided with special equipment to maintain the desired temperature and humidity. Also, special attention is paid to the transportation of goods up to 2 tons, requiring delicate loading and unloading. For this, specially equipped vehicles are used to ensure the integrity of the cargo during the entire period of the route.


Our company selects a car based on the preferences of the customer, tonnage, characteristics of the cargo, special requirements. We will provide not only delicate loading of your cargo, but also full compliance with all your conditions. Global Track cares about its reputation, so it does not allow emergencies. Your cargo will be delivered exactly in the form in which you entrusted it to us.


Advantages of cargo transportation 2 tons

Customers often choose transportation of up to 2 tons, since this method has its undeniable advantages. The main advantages include the following factors:


  • It’s profitable. You don’t have to pay for a big truck that goes slower and longer.
  • It’s fast. Cargo transportation of 2 tons is carried out by more maneuverable transport, which gets to the final destination much faster. You don’t have to wait long for your cargo.
  • It’s comfortable. For loading during cargo transportation by a gazelle of 2 tons, you do not need to use special equipment, just labor is enough.


Shipping cost up to 2 tons

The price of cargo transportation of 2 tons depends on several factors:


  • Machine selection. It can be a regular van with a tarpaulin, a large refrigerated truck or a minibus that ensures the integrity of fragile cargo. In each case, the cost will be different.
  • Documentary support. We not only carry out delivery, but also help in the preparation of accompanying documentation.
  • Loaders work. Our company Global Track offers services of loaders when transporting 2 tons of your cargo.
  • Route. Not only the length in km is important here, but also the country to which the delivery is made.
  • There are special requirements and conditions. This applies not only to the temperature regime, but also to the requirements for the safety of cargo, documentary support, delivery times, etc.


Which transport to choose

A small amount of cargo can be transported by different machines. Our specialists are ready to select the appropriate transport for transportation, 2 tons for which is a mere trifle. To move more compact goods (medicines, spare parts) it is recommended to take comfortable minibusses. To transport cargo that does not require special conditions, we suggest using a flatbed truck with a removable tarpaulin. Thanks to the latter, all contents remain protected during transport. In this case, loading can be performed from any direction.


For transportation and items that require more delicate handling, our managers select closed vans and special equipment to ensure that goods reach their destination safe and sound. Transportation of goods, 2 tons for which is not the limit, will be crowned with absolute success in cooperation with Global Track. All vehicles are equipped with GPS beacons, so customers can always keep a close eye on the movement of their goods.


Cargo transportation up to 2 tons with our company Global Track

The specialists of our company carefully monitor all the nuances of mutually beneficial cooperation. You will receive the following benefits when ordering services from us:


  • Our cars are always in perfect technical condition. Before each departure, all equipment (including internal equipment) undergoes a thorough inspection and performance test. This ensures fast delivery of your cargo without unpleasant force majeure situations.
  • Our drivers are always polite and prepared. Our employees are the face of the company, so we orient managers and drivers to be consistently polite and qualified.
  • Documents fully correspond to real figures. Those data that are indicated in the passport completely coincide with the real ones.
  • Each car has a GPS tracker. It will allow you to monitor the progress of the cargo along the route.


Our company is engaged in cargo transportation not only in Ukraine, but also to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. We have vast experience in the delivery of a variety of goods, you can trust us. Choose professionals – only in this way you will be sure of the safety of your cargo.

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